"I Miss Having S3x” – Cardi B

“I Miss Having S3x” – Cardi  B

American rapper, Cardi B has lamented over not having all the sex she desires because of the lockdown in the United States of America.

Cardi B is one of the many artistes affected by the lockdown in America which is said to have the highest number of coronavirus cases which has recorded 399, 929 cases and 12,911 deaths.
In a now-deleted post, the rapper claimed that she misses her family and friends and revealed that she misses sex most importantly because she gets it on a regular basis.
She further revealed that she has been watching a lot of movies and documentaries to keep her occupied.

She wrote:-

“I have sex so many times, and now I’m on my period, I can’t even f?-?-?k, I miss my family and I miss my friends … I’ve never been so alone … I just watch documentaries and watch movies

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