The Reason Why NCDC Doesn’t Want Buhari To End The Lockdown.

REVEALED!! See The Reason Why NCDC Doesn’t Want Buhari To End The Lockdown.

Government really need to look for a way to change this lockdown to curfew, so people can do their work/business from 6am to 6pm to avoid extreme poverty and mass hunger.

Nigeria doesn’t have the means of sending reasonable money to citizens the way other countries on total lockdown have been doing.
Despite this obvious fact, Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), has explained why the lockdown measure should not be relaxed amid efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic.
Speaking on Friday at a media briefing of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja, the Director-General of the NCDC, Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu, said it was not yet time to relax the lockdown.
He noted that although the lockdown was having negative effects on the economy as it was impeding Nigerians’ ability to go about their daily activities, he said it was vital to be patient and endure the lockdown further to ensure a safe and healthy society when the economy would be reopened.

He said:-

“We will eventually exit this stage and restart our normal life but that stage is still a while to come and I ask for your endurance, support and patience. Lots of efforts are going on across the world to find new therapy, to find vaccine.
“Everybody is pushing hard along this direction. We need unprecedented level of caution to continue carrying out the preventive measure that we have advised many times on this platform.
“Many families have not been able to bury their dead, rescheduled their marriages and baptism and everything they are doing. In a way, life is in suspense. Everyone recognises the sacrifice Nigerians have made but we really have to encourage one another to continue to a position where we can relax some of that (lockdown) but until we get to that place, we have to continue in the short term.
“We are working hard to reach a point where we can relax some of these measures but we are not there yet. We ask you to join us to continue this journey with us and amplify these messages that we are giving. We are happy to have the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress here with us today (Friday).”

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