Blackface Slams Wizkid For Insulting President Buhari Over Police Brutality

Former Plantashun boys member, Black Face has slammed Wizkid for calling out President Buhari on Twitter. 

Wizkid had taken to Twitter to call out President Buhari for reaching out to Donald Trump after he tested positive for the coronavirus. “Donald trump is not your business! Old man! Police/Sarz still killing , Nigerian youth on a daily! Do something! Nothing concern u for America! Face your country !!”

In response, Blackface slammed the “Smile” singer for insulting a man old enough to be his father. He added that he doesn’t believe that Wizkid would be that dumb to make such a statement. “Why don’t you face your music small man?I understand why that is difficult, because it doesn’t have any substance#ChildrenOfNowAdays Flag of Nigeria. No be every verified account the person name on top dey control, So it is possible that that  @wizkidayo account is being handled by an agent because I don’t believe Wizkid is that dumb to insult his father or his father’s mate Flag of Nigeria

See the tweets below: